Important Note

As of March 20th 2017, many browsers are blocking Flash by default. As a result we are currently working to create a training that does not use Flash but continues to work in the same way as our current training. Until that software is ready you will probably need to enable Flash for your browser. If you cannot see all of the text below press CTRL - until you can.

Continue - My Browser is set to run Flash


  • Click the ... button to access the Edge menu.
  • Select the Settings menu item.
  • Scroll down to the Advanced Setting section and click the View advanced settings button.
  • Locate the Use Adobe Flash Player section and toggle the switch on to Enable Adobe Flash Player.
  • Exit Edge and start another session to run our training.


  • Start Chrome
  • Navigate to chrome://settings/content/flash
  • Make sure the first setting "Ask First" is turned on
  • Click on Add
  • Add the following 3 links:
  • [*.]OSSmall.swf.
  • [*.]OSBig.swf.
  • Firefox

    Firefox currently works with no changes

    IE (Internet Explorer)

    IE through version 11 currently works with no changes
    Continue - My Browser is set to run Flash